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Section 1. 14- day Mandatory Home-Based Quarantine for the following: Persons from COVID-affected countries, from different provinces and from Metro Manila

Section 2. Class Suspension in all levels, public and private, until further notice.
Teachers and staff are encouraged to send their reports to their school heads via email or Facebook

Section 3. Anti-Loitering Policy – Students and minors are prohibited from staying in public places without an apparent purpose during class suspension. They are advised to stay home and do something productive, recreational and educational.

Section 4. Special Curfew: For 17 years old and below – 8pm to 5am, for 18 years old and above 10pm to 5am.

Farmers, street sweepers, vendors, security guards, police, health personnel, emergency responders and call center agents are exempted. Persons in emergency situations are exempted.

Section 5. Modified Work Schedule – The LGU, thru the Human Resource Management Office shall modify the work schedule of employees if the present situation so requires. Private establishments may adopt the modification based on Labor code guidelines.

Section 6. Prohibition of Public Gatherings – Birthday parties, weddings, baptismals, reunions, meetings, pageants, cockfighting and similar activities are PROHIBITED. Funeral service is allowed, but should be shortened. Social Distance shall be strictly followed.

Section 7. Beware of Fake News – Be responsible in posting or sharing unverified information and fake news. Follow Moncada Information Office for official updates from LGU

Section 8. Implementing Agencies – the PNP, AFP, LGU, DOH and Liga ng mga Barangay shall take charge of the implementation of this Order.

Section 9. The Municipal Health Officer is the Incident Commander of the COVID-19 situation.

Section 10. Other Executive Orders are still in effect.

Section 11. The Order shall be effective beginning today, March 16, 2020.

Signed and approved by:
Moncada, Tarlac

Official Website of Municipality of Moncada