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Physical Feature

Geographical Location

The Municipality of Moncada is located 153 kms. North of Manila and 26 kms. away from Tarlac City. It is one of the 17 towns and 1 city in the Province of Tarlac.


North – Municipality of San Manuel

West – Municipality of Camiling

South – Municipality of Paniqui

East – Municipality of Anao

  • Topography/Slope
  • Relatively flat where slopes range 0-3%
  • Landlocked (away from oceans and mountains)
  • Land is ideal for agricultural use
  • Climate and Rainfall
  • Rainy Season – June – October
  • Abundant Rainfall – July – December
  • Dry Season – November to May
  • Hottest Months – March, April and May
  • Cold Months – December to February
  • Temperature
  • Humidity relatively high during dry season
  • Cool during harvest season (“ber” months)
  • Occurrence of tropical storms during rainy season
  • Soil Type/Fertilit
  • Types of Soil:
  1. 55% clay loam
  2. 45% sandy loam
  • Agricultural adaptability of the soil suited for the production of palay, corn, root crops, vegetables, mangoes and other fruit bearing trees
  • Surface Hydrology
  • Land surface is a rolling plain
  • Low lying areas prone to floodings
  • Silted waterways
  • Inland fishponds
  • Water level about 20 ft. deep
  • Liquefaction
  • Sta. Lucia West prone to liquefaction as a result or effect of the july 16, 1990 earthquake.
  • Newly built Municipal Slaughterhouse of Paniqui near the Sta. Lucia River sink/collapsed due to liquefaction
Official Website of Municipality of Moncada