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Municipal Development Investment Program

  1. Concreting of Farm to Market Roads (FMR)
  2. Construction of new school buildings
  3. Renovation of old school buildings
  4. Rehabilitation of Drainage System
  5. Improvement of the Moncada Public Auditorium
  6. Construction of Barangay Health Stations
  7. Flood control projects
  8. Acquisition of equipments for rescue operations
  9. Provision of farm machineries and equipment
  10. Provision of livelihood projects
  11. Skills training for the Out-of-School Youth (OSY)
  12. Ecological Solid Waste Management
  13. Integrated farming (agricultural crops and livestock raising)
  14. Agricultural support to farmers
  • Certified seeds
  • Organic fertilizers
  • Hog dispersal
  • Soil analysis
  1. Human Resources Management and development
  • Capability building program
  • Skills enhancement program
  1. Clean and Green Program
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