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Launching of Everyday Family Planning initiative

The Local Government Unit of Moncada Tarlac has successfully brought off the provincial launching of Everyday Family Planning initiative. With the unparalleled support from our partners in health – DOHRO3, PDOH, PHO, POPCOM, FPOP and Luzon Health, the LGU of Moncada continuously adopts and localizes health policies such as family planning, with the aim of improving and responding to the needs of its constituents, giving priority and emphasis to couples which they identified to be having unmet need in family planning. More so, this launching would pave the way to enhance FP service delivery in terms of counselling and provision of commodities, become more accessible, especially to the poor, and capacitate referral networks. These all combine to achieve #ZeroUnmetNeed in the Municipality and the province as well.

Thank you very much to our guests, participants and all who have lent their time and effort in making this launching a successful one.

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