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After three consecutive years of being awarded the Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG), the Municipal Government of Moncada led by Hon. Estelita M. Aquino together with the different Department Heads convened for  a meeting today, January 12, 2021 as early preparation in a bid to clinch the prestigious award.

Ms. Rulina Grace F. Bermudez, Planning Assistant, has discussed the criteria and indicators to qualify for SGLG in accordance with the Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act no. 11292 or the Seal of Good Local Governance Act.

With the new guidelines, the key indicators have been increased from seven (7) to ten (10) core areas of governance. Wherein, pursuant to Section 7 of the said Act, the indicators are as follows: 1. Good fiscal or financial administration or financial sustainability; 2. Disaster preparedness; 3. Social protection and sensitivity program; 4. Health compliance and responsiveness; 5. Programs for sustainable education; 6. Business friendliness and competitiveness; 7. Safety, peace and order; 8. Environmental management; 9. Tourism, heritage development, culture and arts, and; 10. Youth development.

In terms of (2) disaster preparedness and (4) health compliance and responsiveness, Mayor Aquino has tapped the MDRRMO and MHO to come up with a contingency plan for pandemic threats such as COVID-19. Talks and plans for the vaccine rollout is now underway, Mayor Aquino assures the department heads.

Mayor Aquino emphasized the importance of focal persons and department heads’ concerted efforts in ensuring the completeness of documents in compliance with the said core indicators. According to Mayor Aquino, the focal persons led by Ms. Bermudez will play a pivotal role in the preparation process. “We have to make sure that we will be able to hit not only the seven parameters we used to comply with, but we need to strive harder to meet all the criteria given,” Mayor mentioned. “Because it is not only the fame that counts for having the Seal of Good Local Governance but this would also enable us to implement more projects that will benefit our municipality and constituents,” she further said.

Meanwhile, Mayor Aquino also had the opportunity to inform the department heads, especially the BPLO, that resort and other leisure operators would need accreditation from the Department of Tourism as part of the requirements in securing a business permit for their operation.

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