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February is National Arts Month

February is National Arts Month, and yes, folk dance is a form of art and La Jota Moncadenia is ours!
Like other art forms, the La Jota Moncadenia folk dance requires skill, creativity, and performance. It involves intricate choreography, dynamic music, eye-catching costumes, and a story everyone falls in love with, all of which are used to convey a particular message or emotion.
This historic and world-famous folk dance is included in the repertoire of the internationally known Bayanihan Folk Dance Company and Far Eastern Folk Dance Troupe.
Mrs. Celedonia Villanos of Moncada zealously arranged the well-detailed steps of the dance that thrilled the Philippines and other countries.
The first folk dance team in the Philippines to perform this dance was composed of pupils from Moncada Central School under the direction of the former Miss Felicidad Morales.

Official Website of Municipality of Moncada