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FEATURE STORY | Teacher Heart, Twenny-Wayn, Poblacion Wayn!

FEATURE STORY | Teacher Heart, Twenny-Wayn, Poblacion Wayn!
Say hello to Arnulfo Tibon Jr., also known as “Teacher Heart,” of Poblacion 1, Moncada and a substitute teacher at San Agustin Integrated School, San Manuel, Tarlac who advocates to promote inclusivity at all schools by implementing DepEd Order 32 s2017 (Gender Responsive Basic Education Policy).
According to the post of Mr. Artbie A. Samson, SAIS’ School Head, he was amazed on how well Teacher Heart demonstrated the process of Smoked Fish or Tinapa Making. More than that, the story of the substitute teacher about proudly selling this in the public market has given him the motivation to find more ways for the furtherance of entrepreneurship, gender sensitivity and inclusivity.
Furthermore, Miss Mela Franco Habijan, a renowned LGBTQ Member, supported teacher Heart by saying “Again, if a person can freely express who he/she/they truly is, he/she/they can be truly productive — no matter what their gender identity and expression is. “
As per Teacher Heart, She will continue to thrive and rise above all occasions and that she will prove that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. At this juncture, this is her first step in promoting inclusivity in the academe.
Kudos to you Teacher Heart!

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