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Executive No 28 Series of 2020


SECTION 1. Documentary Requirements for Locally Stranded Individuals (LSIs) arriving in Moncada.

Locally Stranded Individuals must present the following documents at border control points and municipal checkpoints, likewise, copies of which shall be presented to the Municipal Health Office (Rural Health Unit -1) upon arrival, to wit:

a. TRAVEL AUTHORITY or TRAVEL PASS issued by the PNP or LGU of origin.

b. MEDICAL CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE from the local health office of origin, containing the following information:

i. That the LSI is neither a contact, suspect or probable or confirmed COVID-19 case; and
ii. That the LSI completed a 14-day quarantine based on quarantine standards set by the DOH or
iii. That LSI confirmed as a COVID-19 case was tested negative through RT-PCR swab test twice.

c. PROOF OF RESIDENCY such as valid ID containing residence address in Moncada. In the absence thereof, a barangay certification issued by the barangay in Moncada will suffice. A copy thereof may be obtained by the relatives or family members of LSI and the same be sent to the latter through an email or any means available.

d. For LSIs with complete requirements from items “a” to “c” hereof, a 14-day strict home quarantine shall be imposed upon the LSI.

e. LSIs with incomplete or no requirements shall undergo Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) for COVID-19, to be shouldered by Moncada LGU.

i. If RDT Reactive – strict isolation and further monitoring, evaluation and management in accordance with DOH-MHO protocols.
ii. If RDT Non-Reactive – home quarantine for 14 days for LSIs from MGCQ areas and facility-based quarantine at Brgy. Banaoang East for LSIs from MECQ and GCQ areas.

f. LSIs returning to Moncada must have an initial coordination with Moncada Tourism Officer for travel arrangements and issuance of notice of availability of travel.

g. Upon arrival in Moncada, LSIs shall initially proceed to Rural Health Unit 1 for comprehensive health assessment and interview. LSIs shall likewise present the above-stated requirements to the Municipal Health Office for documentation.

h. The Barangay Health Emergency Response Teams (BHERTs), Barangay Health Workers, (BHWs), DOH deployed HRH, and RHU staff shall conduct enlistment and periodic monitoring of PUMs on home and facility quarantine.

i. LSIs who are not actual residents of Moncada shall not be allowed entry. The LGU may instead assist the LSIs to return to their respective provinces.

SECTION 2. Documentary Requirements for Authorized Persons Outside Residence (APORs) arriving in Moncada.

a. Any of the following documents:
1) TRAVEL AUTHORITY issued by PNP JTF CV Shield; or
2) TRAVEL PASS issued by LGU of origin; or

b. MEDICAL CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE from the local health office of origin.
c. Non-reactive RDT result taken within the past five (5) days.
d. APORs who are frequent border crossers shall undergo RDT once every two (2) weeks.
e. For APORs with no or outdated RDT, the same shall be referred, at their own expense, to Moncada RHU-1 Laboratory or any hospital or laboratory that conducts such test.
f. If RDT yields reactive result, the APOR shall be sent to a quarantine facility for monitoring and further evaluation and management.
g. If RDT yields non-reactive result, the APOR shall be sent home for strict self-monitoring. Unnecessary movements shall be restricted, including participation in social gatherings. Other applicable laws may apply to penalize APORs, if they are found culpable of their actuations and non-compliance to protocols.
h. If the APOR refuses to undergo RDT, the LGU of Moncada shall be left with no recourse but to send back the APOR to his/her place of origin.
i. If APOR arrives in Moncada without proper coordination with the RHU, the entire household where he/she resides shall be placed in strict isolation and quarantine for 14 days.

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