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Economic Sector

1. Agriculture

A. Main Crop – Palay

Secondary Crops: Vegetables and Root Crops

Sweet Potato Tomato

Turnips Eggplant

Yellow Corn Squash

Onion Monggo

Garlic Ampalaya

Tobacco Okra; etc.


B. Agri-business / Agro-industrial

  • Inland-fishing
  • Poultry
  • Livestock
  • Fruit bearing trees production

C. Crop Production

Major CropsArea% to total Agricultural Land Devoted to Crop ProductionTotal (MT)Value of Production
a. Rice    
Wet Season5, 775.07037 
Dry Season2, 033.545 
b. Corn1, 920.01026 
Root Crops1, 883.61015 
Fruit Trees231.0228 
TOTAL:12, 516.1100  

D. Livestock and Poultry

Type : No. of Raisers

  • Poultry : 5
  • Piggery : 2

2. Trade and Commerce

  • Number of Business Establishments Clustered in the 37 Barangays – 508
  • Public Market Stalls – 500

An Inventory of Business Establishments

  • Wholesale Retail/Merchandizing, Variety Stores
  • Eateries and Fast Foods, Bakeshops and catering Services
  • Grains, Rice Milling, Warehousing
  • Banking, Financing (Banco de Oro, MWCC, Pawnshops)
  • Cooperatives
  • Furniture and Appliances
  • Gasoline Filling Stations
  • Motor and Bicycle Parts
  • Communication towers/Cell sites, cable system
  • Educational institutions, recreation
  • Water and Power Supply
  • Agri-products / Tools / Chemicals / Fertilizers
  • RTW’s
  • Construction supplies/concrete products
  • Hardware
  • Electronics, computer
  • Iron works, vulcanizing shops
  • Junkshops
  • Coc lumber and Hardware
  • Resorts

Moncada is a first (1st) class municipality in terms of income classification.

3. Economic Strategies

A. Ecological Solid Waste Management and Recycling Program

  • Established in August 1998 under the leadership of former Mayor Estelita M. Aquino
  • Engaged in the production of Organic Fertilizer
  • Operating in the Material Recovery Facility
  • Market Organic Fertilizer costing Php 350.00/bag

B. Don Benito Wine Processing

  • Local liquor derived from sweet potato (camote) juice
  • DTI registered
  • Decent and clean facility or processing center

C. Town Public Market (new building)

D. The New Slaughterhouse / Abbatoir

  • “AA” class accreditation by the NMIS
  • Regional Awardee – Best Meat Facility – LGU category

4. Occupation and Employment

A. Major Occupation

  • Farming
  • Fishing

B. Other form of employment/occupation

  • Vendor
  • Teaching
  • Construction workers
  • Proprietors
  • Merchandisers
  • Farm workers
  • Law practitioners
  • Physicians
  • Medical workers
  • Private and government employees
  • Others

C. Adult Employed (skilled) – 2, 800

  • Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) – 1, 464

Source: OWWA as of 2011

5. Tourism


  • The MORALES ANCESTRAL HOUSE – is an old wood and brick structure built during the Spanish era, situated adjacent to the public plaza along the national highway. It is today considered a landmark not only because of its colonial structure but also of its historical significance.

It was the residence of the late HON. LUIS MORALES, a brilliant lawyer and statesman who became a Representative of the 1st District of Tarlac in 1912 and then Governor of Tarlac Province in 1922.

  • LUIS MORALES PARK – the town plaza named after one of the Moncada’s most illustrious sons, the Luis Morales Park is the show window of the town.

Mayor BENITO E. AQUINO initiated the first major beautification work on the park, fenced it and dotted it with marble tables and benches. Two fountains were installed also on both sides of the park.

  • MONCADA CATHOLIC CHURCH – Newly constructed


  • MONCADA TOWN FIESTA – traditionally held every second Saturday and Sunday of February. The annual event has always been one good reason for Moncadenians abroad to come home for a reunion with families and friends.
  • FEAST OF ST. RAYMUND NONNATUS – the occasion is in commemoration with the Patron San Ramon Nonnato held every 31st day of August in this predominantly catholic town.
  • MONCADA BEAUTY PAGEANT – centerpiece of the fiesta celebrations, the beauty pageant is a colorful production of song and dance featuring the beautiful women of Moncada in their gorgeous best.


  • BAR-MAR RESORT – three (3) kilometers north from the town proper in Brgy. Atencio. It offers relaxation with its awesome amenities
  • Calamay Swimming Pool – located in Brgy. Calamay
  • Cajulao-Concepcion Swimming Pool – located in Brgy. Lapsing


  • Rabege Café – hang-out for refreshments and relaxation with the accompaniment of a live-band music
  • Moncada Coliseum – the favorite place of cockfighting aficionados.
  • Moncada Public Park and Plaza – ideally located in the town proper where Moncadenians and visitors alike can hold their picnics or just enjoy the sights under a canopy of shade trees and gazebos in front of the plaza.
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