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Celebration and Commemoration of the Life and Works Rizal

Every historic event should be reminisced. For a country, these historic events are the roots of our existence today as well as what we should fight for in the future. Like what Jose Rizal’s once said, “He who does not know how to look back at where he came from will never get to his destination.” Therefore, let’s celebrate this significant holiday honorably by understanding the real meaning of Jose Rizal’s sacrifice and keep reminding ourselves and the next generation about the important of patriotism and our duty as a citizen to the country.
Along this Celebration and Commemoration of the Life and Works of Rizal on 30 December 2022, Moncada Fire Station duty personnel under the supervision of INSP NEIL L RAFAEL, Acting Municipal Fire Marshal participated on the Wreath Laying Ceremony in honor of the bravery and martyrdom of Jose Rizal, our National Hero at the Rizal Monument of the Moncada Public Plaza, Moncada, Tarlac.
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